WAMP Prices


Exhibition space

Net fees

Brutto fees

1 m x 1.8m:

140 EUR

168 EUR

1.5 m x 1.8m:

180 EUR

216 EUR

2 m x 1.8m:

225 EUR

270 EUR

3 m x 1.8m:

300 EUR

360 EUR

4 m x 1.8m:

360 EUR

432 EUR

5 m x 1.8m:

440 EUR

528 EUR

electricity fee 220V  15 EUR  18 EUR
80 x 80 cm table with black cover   20 EUR  24 EUR
120 x 80 cm table with black cover  25 EUR  30 EUR

Gastro 3 m x 3 m, incl. electricity

450 EUR

540 EUR

Gastro 5 m x 3 m, incl. electricity 590 EUR 708 EUR


Table reservation
For the booked stand you can optionally rent tables from us. Also own setups or own tables are possible. We distribute sunshades over the area. These are free of charge and you do not have to specify them in your booking.
80 x 80 cm table with black cover: 20 EUR net (24 EUR gross)
120 x 80 cm table with black cover: 25 EUR (30 EUR gross)
Industrial electricity: 40 EUR 
Newcomer promotion for first time bookings: if you are exhibiting at WAMP for the first time, you will receive a one-time 50% discount on your booth booking. Just enter "newcomer" in the comment field of your booking and wait with the deposit until the amount on your invoice is corrected. As soon as your invoice amount is corrected by 5o%, you can make the payment. 
The promotion is redeemable once for the first booking and is not transferable to other exhibitors. Exhibition space can only be used by the registered exhibitor and only for the registered date. 

Regular member discount: Book three dates in advance and you will have the opportunity to exhibit on a fourth for free. Exhibit space cannot be transferred to other exhibitors and can only be redeemed during the 2023 market year. The entire fee for three market dates is due with the first booking.