Terms and Conditions


WAMP operational order

WAMP GmbH takes care of the order of WAMP, collection of the location hiring fees  and of maintaining the cleanliness. WAMP GmbH is responsible for announcing the fair, organizing the bookings of exhibitors and for preparing the exhibitors’.

WAMP GmbH undertakes to organize the conferences and trade exhibitions during the Wamps events and to issue an invoice in each case for the exhibitor after the settlement of the service fee.

Services of WAMP GmbH are available exclusively for individuals turned 18.

Location of WAMP

Space in front of the Museum Quartier

Opening hours:   11.00 a.m. - 07.00 p.m.


How to apply for the fair?

The already registered WAMP members can apply for the fair online using the community portal. Access path: on website www.wamp.at by clicking on designer-entry (giving the user name and password) and so the booking for the forthcoming fair can be made by submitting the application under menu „wamp application”. Prior to each WAMP a form letter shall be sent to all of our exhibitors indicating the date of the next programme and the current information. The application must be sent for each fair separately within the specified application deadline. After the expiry of this deadline the system automatically stops the application process and so no participants are accepted any more.  WAMP GmbH concludes contract separately for each WAMP with the exhibitors based on the data given by the application; thus the accuracy of the data is of stressed importance. Participants shall notify the changes in the data of the contract in writing. The exhibitors can download the contracts from their own profile.

The already registered exhibitors confirmed by WAMP undertake to appear in the location of the fair, in due time, at least one hour before the opening of the fair, they undertake to install their stand as well as to leave the location empty after the close of the fair, by removing their products in its entirety from the location, and to leave any trash ready for delivery (in bags) at the table.

Participation fees

A specified reservation fee is payable for sales or other activities during WAMP. Each exhibitor shall pay the reservation fee for at least one meter. The rental fee involves the right for selling on the spot, the hire charge of table if required, the uniform table-clothes, and the main power if required as well as one parasol for every 4 meter and the advertisement and promotion of the fair as well.

Table(s) in size 80x80cm and 80x120cm can be ordered for the stands; the table(s) will be covered with a black table-cloth.

Tariff for individual exhibitors:

Prices for the participation in the fair: 

Prices of stands (width*depth), net:

      1m*1.8 m stand +main power: EUR 120

      1.5m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 160

      2m*1,8 m stand + main power: EUR 200

      2.5m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 235

      3m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 275

      3,5m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 310

      4m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 345

      4,5 m*1.8m stand + main power: EUR 380

      5m*1.8m stand + main power: EUR 415

       Foodtruck + industrial electricity: 550 EUR/truck


Table reservation:

A table is available for no charge for the reserved stand if necessary and if the applicant notifies it upon the application. The organizer is not in position to meet such demands on the spot.

      Table sized 80*80cm: EUR 0

      Table sized 120*80 cm: EUR 0

Industrial power supply is also available for the stands

      Industrial power supply: EUR 30 /day 

WAMP cannot provide any extension cord and adapter, so the exhibitors must provide for them.

In some cases the participation fees may depart from the prices specified depending on the theme and season. WAMP calls the attention of the participants to this fact in each case prior to the opening of the fair or before submitting the applications.

Payment method
Settlement of the invoice is due by Thursday 10:00 am in the week prior of the week of the fair (till the 9th day before the fair). 

If no payment is settled until the deadline, the applicant loses the right for the participation!

1.) Using your PayPal account 

You can settle payments through your PayPal account.

Once you have settled payment WAMP GmbH is to issue an e-invoice based on the invoicing data submitted and will send it to the e-mail address you have previously provided.

2.) Payment via bank transfer

You can also settle payments via bank transfer, in this case WAMP GmbH is to issue an e-invoice based on the invoicing data submitted and will send it to the e-mail address you have previously provided.

3.) Payment on the spot is not possible 

4.) Payment in instalments is not possible

Cancelling participation
Exhibitors can cancel their participation in a written form till Thursday 10:00 am of the week prior of the week of the fair (till the 9th day before the fair)In this case the participation fee can be used for the next fair (Repayment is not possible.) If the exhibitor fails to cancel his/her participation in a written form till the above date, and the exhibitor does not attend the fair he/she must settle 100% of the participation fee.
Rules for sales

Minimum area to be ordered: an exhibitor’s space of one meter width.

It is prohibited to damage the stands and to sit on tables. The exhibitor is responsible for keeping the table-clothes clean. Since the table-clothes are not washable, the price of the replacement of the dirty, unusable pieces will be invoiced.

Only tables provided by WAMP GmbH are allowed to be used on WAMP for retaining the unique fair image.

In the WAMP, complying with the legislative and regulatory requirements relating to the fairs and in possession of the necessary permits and licenses the exhibitors are allowed to perform goods and product sales, as well as catering, leasing, guarding, showman as well as servicing and repairing activities that can be made on site. Complying with these legislative requirements is subject to the own responsibility of the exhibitors and retailers.

In case of goods and product distribution any goods and products can be sold on the fair, on the open-air market according to the nature of the fair and market, except for live animals and except for the following products:

-        medicine, substances and preparations of not curative effect, veterinary medicinal products

-        preparation qualified as drug and psychotropic substance, toxic and hazardous materials

-         corrective glasses

-        weapon, ammunition, explosives and blasting agent (inclusive also the petard), gas spray, materials ranked to fire class „A” and „B”, gasoline, gas oil and domestic fuel oil

-        museum relic

-        specimen, progeny and preparation of protected plant and animal species

-        minerals, fossils, cave formations

-        product or waste, distribution of which is subject to permit or license and this permit or license is not available

In the WAMP the exhibitors/retailers can occupy the place assigned by the organizers on the spot. The exhibitors/retailers have the opportunity for the exchange between each other if they notify the organizers accordingly in advance.

If the exhibitors occupy more space than purchased, the WAMP GmbH, depending on the utilization of the location, may either request the exhibitor to use only the purchased size of area or, if the occupancy allows the expansion, the WAMP GmbH may issue an invoice for the price of the surplus area increased by 20% surcharge that should be paid by the exhibitor/retailer on the spot. The non-acceptance of the instructions of the WAMP GmbH is subject to the immediate exclusion of the exhibitor from the fair and thus the exhibitor is obliged to leave the place. In this case the exhibitor is not entitled to reclaim the paid participation fee.

In order to maintain the uniform market image the organizers reserve the right to rearrange the preliminary reserved places without notifying the exhibitors but with the least possible violation of their interest.

The tables and the products must be placed so that they do not constitute an obstacle in the traffic.

It is prohibited to light a fire on the fair and market. No naked         flames!

It is prohibited to assign the hired place to other party, and it is not allowed to the sell the works of the designers disqualified by the jury and to share the stand with other designer. If it is disregarded, the organizer has the right to call the retailer violating the regulations to leave the market place.

WAMP does not undertake to make chairs available; the exhibitor has to provide for it.

Reservation of places on the fair is possible online, in order of application.


Weather, force majeure

As the Fairs are organized open air, WAMP GmbH highlights that when justified based on the changeable weather conditions and other circumstances WAMP GmbH holds the right at any time to decide that the Fair will not take place. In this case WAMP GmbH will inform the Exhibitor in the shortest time through the contact details given in the WAMP profile of the Exhibitor.

If the announced Fair fails to be organized due to the fault of the organizer, the Exhibitor is entitled to reclaim 100% of the rental fee or to have the rental fee included in the price of the forthcoming fair.

In case WAMP GmbH determines to cancel the Fair at the day of the Fair due to force majeure, demonstration, strike, catastrophe, emergency, storm or adverse weather conditions the refund of the rental fee is not possible neither can be the rental fee included at any another Fair’s price.


Other terms and conditions

Everybody sells on the market at own risk and responsibility, must be an independent contractor, and shall provide for health booklet and other necessary permits and licenses according to the legislation in force.

Each exhibiting exhibitor/retailer shall accept the current operation order of WAMP by applying to the fair and undertakes to comply with this order.

Infraction proceedings can be initiated against those who break the order of WAMP and the related regulations.

The organizers reserve the right to change the program, the date and the location.



If a complaint arises against the quality of the service, the designer/exhibitor can notify this fact to the e-mail address hello@wamp.hu WAMP GmbH checks if the complaint is justified. If it is well-founded, the exhibitor can employ the total paid amount at the forthcoming fair. Repayment is not possible.

Data protection

The wamp.at records the data of the customers exclusively for registering and performing the orders and for mailing the possibly required newsletter as well as manages these data according to the current regulations of the Data Protection Act. The wamp.at shall not deliver the registered data to third party; especially shall not sell, lend or change them. Data delivery to third party is allowed only for performing the order as well as the transport (e.g. sub-contractor carrying out the transport). In these cases it is expected from our partners to manage the data confidentially, according to the provisions stipulated by the law.

In case of any further questions please contact us at the hello@wamp.hu e-mail address!


Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions

The WAMP GmbH reserves the right for the unilateral amendment of the present General Terms and Conditions. The unilateral amendment of the General Terms and Conditions can be carried out first of all due to unforeseeable changes in the circumstances existed at the time of elaborating the general terms and conditions due to objective reasons out of the normal business risks. Secondly, the WAMPs organized by the WAMP GmbH mean continuous services and activities, during which the business and economic circumstances serving as basis for the general terms and conditions, including also the tariff, are changing (new practice of similar fairs, appearance of new consumer’s expectations), which changes are followed by WAMP GmbH through the amendment of the general terms and conditions.

The WAMP GmbH may amend the general terms and conditions latest 15 (fifteen) days before the WAMP in question but not later than the beginning of the registration to the WAMP in question. The WAMP GmbH notifies the exhibitors of the modification of the general terms and conditions by publishing it on the website www.wamp.at. The WAMP GmbH notifies the exhibitors registered on the website www.wamp.at of the modification of the general terms and conditions also by means of e-mail sent to the e-mail address given by the exhibitor upon the registration. The exhibitor is responsible to modify the changes in his/her data given upon the registration process in the electronic registering system of the WAMP GmbH; failing to do so, the WAMP GmbH shall exclude any of its responsibilities concerning the exhibitor.

The exhibitor can individually decide if he/she makes use of the WAMP services in the future on the basis of the amended general terms and conditions.

12 September 2019

WAMP GmbH team

Cancelling participation
Exhibitors can cancel their participation in a written form till Thursday 10:00 am of the week prior of the week of the fair (till the 10th day before the fair)In this case the participation fee can be used for the next fair (Repayment is not possible.) If the exhibitor fails to cancel his/her participation in a written form till the above date, and the exhibitor does not attend the fair he/she must settle 100% of the participation fee.