What is WAMP?


More than just a fair!


What does the abbreviation of WAMP stands for? This is the most frequent question people ask
us. In short Sunday Design Market (Vasárnapi Művész Piac), in more detail it is a design fair
which provides platform for Hungarian designers to show their work to a larger public in the fields
of fashion, accessories, jewellery, home decoration, photo or gastronomy. Beyond that WAMP is
also a community spot where creators, visitors of all generations, professionals in the creative
industries and those interested in design and fashion can all meet up and where you can bring
along your family, your friends or your favourite pet too.
Through WAMP we strive to show that design is not just an abstract concept but also an exciting
opportunity which we can all incorporate into our daily lives. That there is a middle way between
fast fashion and luxurious brands, and shopping is not necessary an impersonal hassle but if we
devote time for it, it can be a great experience. That being unique is a value, and handcraft can
indeed be modern and exciting.
Beyond our steady locations at the capital, we often take part at festivals and other venues
throughout the country. WAMP has been a regular spot at Sziget Festival for years now, one of
the most significant European festivals, but we have also visited cities in the countryside
like Sopron, Szolnok or Kecskemét or the Valley of Arts Festival (Művészetek Völgye).
Each year we take part at Design Week Budapest with our most outstanding designers with
various themes and programs.
We are keen to present talented Hungarian creators internationally as well cooperating with
artists worldwide. Since 2014 we have been organising regular fairs in the inner city of Vienna at
Museumsquare with more hundred designers from the Middle-European region. With the support
of Visegrad Fund we have hosted designers from the Visegrad countires (Poland, Czech
Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) more times.
As successful international projects we have introduced the work of Hungarian creators in
Shanghai, London, Helsinki, Peking and Bratislava. And the future is just ahead of us...)