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If you are not a member yet, please read the information on how to register, then apply to become our exhibitor. We inform all applicants via e-mail on the decision of the jury regarding their applications.


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Admission here is only for designers whose work has been selected.


How to register


1. fill in the registration form

Please enter your name and e-mail address, then choose a username and password.

Please upload at least three but no more than ten photos about the products you make that you would like to offer at WAMP. Please make sure to send high quality photos, they will be used later for participation evaluation and in case of positive evaluation they will also be linked on our social media channels.

Please also write a short description about your label, yourself and your products.

2. evaluation of your label / products

Your registration will be evaluated by the WAMP team and the result will be sent to you by email. In case of a positive evaluation, you are now an active WAMP member and can register for upcoming markets.

The following aspects will be taken into consideration for the evaluation:

- Innovative, modern conception

- Quality execution, processing of materials

- Manufactured according to design-conscious style conception

- Of uniform conception

- Uniqueness & authenticity

3. in case of positive evaluation

Log in to the WAMP exhibitor log-in with your username and password and register for the next market date. Now you can also fill and update your profile. We will inform you about the registration and payment dates via email before each WAMP market. Your registration is considered complete only if the participation fee has been paid within the prescribed period.

In order to participate in the WAMP Design Market, you must accept the terms and conditions stated on the website The finalization of the registration is done by pressing the "Continue" button and it also means the acceptance of the terms and conditions.

4. fees

The services of WAMP Event GmbH can be used exclusively by persons over 18 years of age.

Participation fees

A stand fee is payable for sales and other activities at the WAMP Design Market. Each exhibitor is obliged to pay the fee for at least one meter space. The rent includes the right to sell during the market and one parasol per 4 meters.


Stand fees (width x depth), net amount:

Exhibition space

Net fees

Brutto fees

1 m x 1.8m:

140 EUR

168 EUR

1.5 m x 1.8m:

180 EUR

216 EUR

2 m x 1.8m:

225 EUR

270 EUR

3 m x 1.8m:

300 EUR

360 EUR

4 m x 1.8m:

360 EUR

432 EUR

5 m x 1.8m:

440 EUR

528 EUR

electricity fee 220V  15 EUR  18 EUR
80 x 80 cm table with black cover   20 EUR  24 EUR
120 x 80 cm table with black cover  25 EUR  30 EUR

Gastro 3 m x 3 m, incl. electricity

450 EUR

540 EUR

Gastro 5 m x 3 m, incl. electricity 590 EUR 708 EUR



Table reservation
For the booked stand you can optionally rent tables from us. Also own setups or own tables are possible. We distribute sunshades over the area. These are free of charge and you do not have to specify them in your booking.
80 x 80 cm table with black cover: 20 EUR net (24 EUR gross)
120 x 80 cm table with black cover: 25 EUR (30 EUR gross)

If you want to use electricity for your stand, please indicate this when booking. A fee of 15 EUR (net) will be charged for this.

Cable extensions and distributors cannot be provided by WAMP.

Industrial electricity: 40 EUR 
Newcomer promotion for first time bookings: if you are exhibiting at WAMP for the first time, you will receive a one-time 50% discount on your booth booking. Just enter "newcomer" in the comment field of your booking and wait with the deposit until the amount on your invoice is corrected. As soon as your invoice amount is corrected by 5o%, you can make the payment. 
The promotion is redeemable once for the first booking and is not transferable to other exhibitors. Exhibition space can only be used by the registered exhibitor and only for the registered date. 

Regular member discount: Book three dates in advance and you will have the opportunity to exhibit on a fourth for free. Exhibit space cannot be transferred to other exhibitors and can only be redeemed during the 2023 market year. The entire fee for three market dates is due with the first booking. 


Participation fees may vary depending on theme and season. WAMP will inform the participants before the opening of the market and before the registration.

5. conditions of participation

See General Terms and Conditions under the item Fair/Regulation.

6. payment deadlines

The payment deadline of the issued invoice for participation in the Market is on the Thursday of the week preceding the Market.

(until the 9th day before the market).

If the payment is not received by the prescribed deadline, the applicant loses the right to participate.

Payment via PayPal

WAMP Event GmbH will issue an invoice for the specified amount to the billing data entered. This will be sent by email.

Payment via bank transfer

WAMP Event GmbH issues an invoice for the specified amount to the participant. This will be sent by e-mail.

Payment on site is not possible.

Payment by installments is not possible.

7. cancellation

The applicant:in is entitled to cancel his participation in the market in writing until 10:00 a.m. on the Thursday of the week before the fair (until the 9th day before the market). In this case the rent can be used for the next market. (Money refund is not possible) If the cancellation is not made in time and the exhibitor:in does not appear at the market, the total amount of the rent will be charged.

Weather & Force Majeure

Considering that the markets are held outdoors, WAMP Event GmbH reserves the right to cancel the market at short notice due to weather conditions or other unexpected circumstances. In this case, WAMP Event GmbH will inform the exhibitors as soon as possible using the contact details provided in their registration profile.

If the market does not take place due to the fault of WAMP Event GmbH, the exhibitors have the right to a 100% refund of the participation fee.

If the market is cancelled by WAMP Event GmbH due to force majeure, demonstrations, strikes, catastrophic events, dangerous situations, storms, etc., the participation fee will not be refunded.

8. data protection

The website records the data of the buyers exclusively in the interest of the registration and fulfillment of the order as well as the possibly claimed delivery of a newsletter and treats them according to the valid regulation of the Data Protection Act. will not hand over the recorded data to third parties, in particular they will not be sold or exchanged. The data may be handed over to third parties exclusively in the interest of the order or delivery (e.g. to the subcontractor carrying out the delivery). In such cases, WAMP expects its partners to treat the data confidentially and in accordance with the regulations prescribed by law.