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If you are not a member yet, please read the information on how to register, then apply to become our exhibitor. We inform all applicants via e-mail on the decision of the jury regarding their applications.


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Admission here is only for designers whose work has been selected.


How to register:

1.  Fill in the application form!

Please give your name and e-mail address, then choose a username and password. Upload at least 3 but not more than 10 photos on your products you would like to sell at the fair. Please make sure that the photos are of good quality and preferably of high standard as these will be shown on your profile and the our team will decide on your application based on these photos. Write a short description on your work, your motivation, your expertise and your achievements so as we can get a good understanding of your qualification and your work. 

2.  How your application will be processed?

Following your application has been judged by the WAMP Team you will receive an e-mail on the outcome of the selection process. In case of positive decision you become an active member of WAMP and you are then free to apply to our fairs.

Aspects considered in the selection

  • The innovative and trendsetter character of your work
  • High quality of your products
  • Trend sensitivity of your design and style
  • Unity and creativity of your concept
  • Originality and uniqueness of your work

3.  If your application is successful

You can login to your online WAMP profile anytime by giving your username and password at “Designer entry” where you can book your reservation to WAMP fairs. Here you can also settle booking fees or update your profile. You will always receive an e-mail before our fairs regarding the application and payment deadlines. Your reservation is only complete once your booking fee is fully settled.

When ordering the services of WAMP at the website you accept all the points of the Terms and Conditions found at Completing a booking – by clicking on “Submit” – means the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

4.  Our fees

Exhibitors must have passed the age of 18 in order to use the services of WAMP GmbH.


A specified reservation fee is payable for sales or other activities during WAMP. Each exhibitor shall pay the reservation fee for at least one meter. The rental fee involves the right for selling on the spot, the hire charge of table if required, the uniform table-clothes, and the main power if required (for lamp or mobile terminal, etc.) as well as one parasol for every 4 meter and the advertisement and promotion of the fair as well.

Table(s) in size 80x80cm and 80x120cm can be ordered for the stands; the table(s) will be covered with a black table-cloth.

Tariff for individual exhibitors:

Prices for the participation in the fair: 

Prices of stands (width*depth), net:

       1m*1.8 m stand +main power: EUR 120

      1.5m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 160

      2m*1,8 m stand + main power: EUR 200

      2.5m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 235

      3m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 275

      3,5m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 310

      4m*1.8 m stand + main power: EUR 345

      4,5 m*1.8m stand + main power: EUR 380

      5m*1.8m stand + main power: EUR 415

       Foodtruck: 520 EUR/truck

       The prices of stands exceeding 5 m  will be calculated on an individual basis. 

      Maximum size of  stands to reserve is 15 m.


Table reservation:

A table is available for no charge for the reserved stand if necessary and if the applicant notifies it upon the application. The organizer is not in position to meet such demands on the spot.

      Table sized 80*80cm: EUR 0

      Table sized 120*80 cm: EUR 0

Industrial power supply is also available for the stands

      Industrial power supply: EUR 30 /day 


WAMP cannot provide any extension cord and adapter, so the exhibitors must provide for them.

In some cases the participation fees may depart from the prices specified depending on the theme and season. WAMP calls the attention of the participants to this fact in each case prior to the opening of the fair or before submitting the applications.

5. Conditions of Participation

Please find the General Terms and Conditions in the Design Fair/Terms and Conditions menu item.

6. Payment methods:

Settlement of the invoice is due by Tuesday midnight in the week of the fair. 

If no payment is settled until the deadline, the applicant loses the right for the participation!

1.) Using your PayPal account 

You can settle payments through your PayPal account.

Once you have settled payment WAMP GmbH is to issue an e-invoice based on the invoicing data submitted and will send it to the e-mail address you have previously provided.

2.) Payment via bank transfer

You can also settle payments via bank transfer, in this case WAMP GmbH is to issue an e-invoice based on the invoicing data submitted and will send it to the e-mail address you have previously provided.

3.) Payment on the spot is not possible 

4.) Payment in instalments is not possible


7. Cancellation

Cancelling participation
Exhibitors can cancel their participation in a written form till Thursday 10:00 am of the week prior of the week of the fair (till the 9th day before the fair)In this case the participation fee can be used for the next fair (Repayment is not possible.) If the exhibitor fails to cancel his/her participation in a written form till the above date, and the exhibitor does not attend the fair he/she must settle 100% of the participation fee.
Weather, force majeure

As the Fairs are organized open air, WAMP GmbH highlights that when justified based on the changeable weather conditions and other circumstances WAMP GmbH holds the right at any time to decide that the Fair will not take place. In this case WAMP GmbH will inform the Exhibitor in the shortest time through the contact details given in the WAMP profile of the Exhibitor.

If the announced Fair fails to be organized due to the fault of the organizer, the Exhibitor is entitled to reclaim 100% of the rental fee or to have the rental fee included in the price of the forthcoming fair.

In case WAMP GmbH determines to cancel the Fair at the day of the Fair due to force majeure, demonstration, strike, catastrophe, emergency, storm or adverse weather conditions the refund of the rental fee is not possible neither can be the rental fee included at any another Fair’s price.

8. Data protection

Data stored at the website is only used for keeping a record on orders and acquitments and for the successful delivery of newsletters. All data are handled according to the current regulations of the Data Protection Act. does not hand out any data stored on the website to third parties; and it particularly does not use them for any commercial activities, lend them or exchange them. Data can be handed out to third parties only in case of orders or deliveries completed by those parties (e.g. for suppliers responsible for transportation). In such cases we expect our partners to handle the data with the highest confidentiality and in accordance with the applying regulations.